Safety - is a choice. The choice that we do daily infinite times. We are doing it instinctively or based on our knowledge and experience. And our project was created to provide information, which will help You to make the right choice consciously.

Waiting for a Miracle. Part 1.

We tried to put in order information for pregnant women about food, good and bad habits, possible risks and avoiding them. In the first part of the article we are writing about things that could be useful daily starting from the morning and till falling asleep. In the second part we will write about what you need to know about cleaning, taking care of pets, wellness and beauty procedures and other.

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Medical care on vacation

So the first summer month run away, but we had used its possibility and had had our vacation. So the batteries are recharged and we full of energy and enthusiasm are coming back to work. In our previous article we promised to tell you about first aid travel kit and organizing of health care in a trip. So let's start.

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Safety rest on the nature

The sunrays are hotter and hotter. Days are longer. Fruit trees are dressing up into their festive costumes. The waves are playing hide and seek with flashing sunrays on the water. With each sniff of spring aromas the flashbacks of picnics appear in your imagination and you can even taste fresh grilled stake in your mouth. How would be nice to get rid of all winter load and lie on the grass enjoying friends laugh. It is so nice to be far away from civilization.

Spending time on the fresh air has the other side...

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