My home is my castle.

A proper and timely reaction in the predictable emergencies gives ability to take effective decisions and minimize the consequences of such situations. How to ensure that electrical wireing in Your home will not cause the fire? What type of risks are caused by A/C unit or water heater? How to ensure that a balcony is safe for a child?

The team of our specialists will inspect Your accommodation and aplliences in it, will find weaknesses, elaborate recommendations and implement them.

In accordance with Your inquiry we will inspect electrical appliances, create emergency plan for You and Your family in case of the fire or public disturbance or will check Your home for proper child safety.

Waiting for the Miracle. Part 1.

We tried to put in order information for pregnant women about food, good and bad habits, possible risks and avoiding them. In the first part of the article we are writing about things that could be useful daily starting from the morning and till falling asleep. In the second part we will write about what you need to know about cleaning, taking care of pets, wellness and beauty procedures and other.

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Medical care on vacation

So the first summer month run away, but we had used its possibility and had had our vacation. So the batteries are recharged and we full of energy and enthusiasm are coming back to work. In our previous article we promised to tell you about first aid travel kit and organizing of health care in a trip. So let's start...

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Safety rest on the nature

The sunrays are hotter and hotter. Days are longer. Fruit trees are dressing up into their festive costumes. The waves are playing hide and seek with flashing sunrays on the water. With each sniff of spring aromas the flashbacks of picnics appear in your imagination and you can even taste fresh grilled stake in your mouth. How would be nice to get rid of all winter load and lie on the grass enjoying friendsí laugh. It is so nice to be far away from civilization.

Spending time on the fresh air has the other side...

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Serenity and safety of my family in my favourite supermarket

I do not know what about you, but I have my favorite supermarket where I am a steady client. I like everything in this supermarket from productsí quality, prices, and services to their location on the shelves.

One day enjoying my shopping I suddenly saw an evacuation plan and my brain started to work actively...

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Old building, but with new health and safety standards

I was born in Kyiv and all my life lived here. I do not have a wonderful flat in a new block of flats and always lived in buildings of the Soviet period. A flat where I currently live is located on the seventh floor of standard designed building that was not properly maintained do ages. As probably plenty of readers I got stuck in lifts, spoke to neighbours regarding smoking or storing of furniture or partitions on a staircase. I was trying to keep safe not only the flat, but also the building where my family lives. I think this wish is understandable, but it's realization in our reality needs time, longing and inspiration...

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