Two lines. Exactly with these millimetres huge changes are started. These two marks are causing shock and joy, fear and happiness, some concerns and inspiration. Together with them appear a lot of new words such as: human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), prenatal testing, toxoplasmosis, cord blood, neonatologists, Doman or Montessori methods. Plenty of new, unknown and even scary things appear in your life. You would like to find out and to investigate all questions. You start search on the Internet, asking acquaintances, watching videos and reading different literature. We tried to put in order useful information for pregnant women, which could help during the day starting from the morning and till going to bed.

Slow and calm waking will help to decrease the stress level and tune in on the positive thoughts. Try to set the alarm for several minutes earlier expanding the period to the needed duration. Dedicate these minutes to own small rituals and yourself.

Morning shower will give you the vivacity though avoid the hot water during the pregnancy. Also, it is a good time to ensure that there are no slip hazards in the bathroom or to minimize them. If you are taking shower in the tub, find or make an additional support that will help not lose the balance during stepping in and out.

Regular weighing will help to monitor and control the weight gain. The best time for weighing is morning on an empty stomach, as that will give the most accurate data. ATTENTION! it is obligatory to consult your doctor, as weight gain directly depends on a body mass index that you had before pregnancy and has impact on motherís and babyís health.

Breakfast could be real cross in case if you have a morning toxicosis. Try to eat some bread, dried fruits, cookies etc. directly in the bed. Drink some mint tea with some lemon, but you should be careful with all other herbal teas as they have medical effects that should be additionally checked during the pregnancy. Also, you need to be careful with beverages that contain caffeine (coffee, black and green tea, cacao, coke, energy drinks etc.) as they can raise the tonus of the uterine and arterial pressure, take out the liquid, cause additional load to kidneys, take out calcium and affects motherís and babyís sleep. ATTENTION! The most dangerous in the toxicosis is dehydration and fast weight loss. If you lost more than 3 kilos and felt sickness 5 times a day or more ó you need to contact your doctor.

Choosing clothes you need to give preferences to the comfort apparel with specific cutting that wonít be to tight and wonít squeeze a bump. You also need to bear in mind that when your maternity is visible the help, if it is needed, could be more efficient. You also need to give preferences to layered clothes as in such case you could put off or on additional layer. Pay additional attention to your footwear, as feet could grow during the pregnancy and also the weight gain gives them additional job. If you need to wear high heels take a spare pair of flats it could be unnecessary, but your body would be grateful if you are tired. Additional help to your feet would be compression stockings and socks, they will prevent or slow varicose down.

Getting around the city using public transportation could cause additional discomfort with different smells, noise, stuffy air, draught, crowd and rapid deceleration. If you are not feeling well because of all these factors ó say loud about that and your condition, ask someone to help you to get off at the next stop. You need to understand that not asking for help could lead to being unconscious without informing anyone about your condition.
In case you are using a car around the main thing is to remove a safety belt under the bump. There are specific belts that are sold as ębump beltsĽ, ęmaternity beltsĽ, ępregnant beltsĽ etc. They could be used both on front and back seats. Their main function is to redirect an ordinary seat belt under your bump, in case of the rapid deceleration it wonít hurt the baby and will be comfortable for the mother. ATTENTION! be particularly considerate towards your health and feelings if you are driving.

During lunch or dinner remember that products have effect not only on your health and feeling, but also on your babyís health and feeling. Try to avoid spicy, greassy food and beverages with colouring. Do not lie down after immediately after eating as it may cause toxicosis attack. Pickles, herring or other products with salt are holding liquids and causing edema which is unwanted especially during the last trimester. ATTENTION! All dishes should be properly prepared with high temperatures as raw meat or sushi with raw fish could contain helminths. Unpasteurized milk, poultry, soft cheeses and cheeses with molds could contain bacteria Listeria monocyotogenes that causes dangerous infection listeriosis. Raw eggs that are used in tiramisu, eggnog, some souses and cream icings could contain bacteria Salmonella. You also need to be careful with seafood as some types of fish are high in mercury, which has impact on the babyís nervous system. Thus, you need to exclude shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and other from family Malacanthidae.

Healthy sleep is one of the most important factors for good state of health. From the first weeks try to train yourself to sleep on your side, as sleeping on your tummy is uncomfortable and sleeping on your back cause additional pressure to the major vein, intestine, diaphragm and vertebral column. There are special pregnancy pillows of different shapes and with different stuff that will help you to lie down comfortably. Fatherly you may use these pillows for positioning newborns. If the problem is falling asleep, a walk before sleep (room aeration at least) and moderate physical activity would help. During the day try not to overwork both physical and mentally and in the evening relax with meditation, visualization, breathing technique, favourite music, etc.

Here we need to pause, as there are more information as we expected and everything also need to be realized. ATTENTION! all information in this article has informative nature. It is obligatory to consult your doctor and as more questions you will ask, more comprehensive picture you will help.

In the second part we write about safety cleaning, physical activity, taking care of pets, travelling, wellness and beauty procedures, etc. In this article (Ukrainian language only) you may find information about legal protection of the pregnant women at work.

Easy pregnancy and labour. See you soon!